Our Testimonials

Belinda Chan

I have been visiting Dr. Rupal since 2012. By the time when I first met Dr. Rupal, my health was so damaged by too much dosage of antibiotics, I felt my body was unable to recover from any illness. It was a miracle when Dr. Rupal’s prescription got me to recover really quickly and the illness that emerged because of weak immune system never happened again. Dr. Rupal is a very attentive doctor and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for alternative treatments to health problems.

Ann Reid

My son (aged 6) and daughter (aged 3.5) have both benefited from the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Dr Rupal when they have been sick. I find Dr Rupal to be very experienced in her field, she will continue to seek out what is the correct remedy and dosage for a particular ailment, always taking the patient’s constitution into consideration. I am happy that I have found the reliable and experienced homeopath in Hong Kong to treat my children when they fall ill.

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